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The Quiet Warrior Show

Jun 6, 2023

Leslee Montgomery is a sought-after facilitator, public speaker, content creator and consultant to the Construction Industry on Safety and Mental Health.   What makes her story different from anyone else's, and why is she working in a male-dominated industry?: 

When Host Tom Dutta asked Leslee why listeners should tune...

Feb 22, 2023

Liv Arnold is an author of colour writing diverse books on real issues like mental health and consent. Like many women, she has experienced sexual harassment which has affected her well-being. 

“I want to do right by my readers and show what is and is not acceptable. Enough people are silenced through shame,...

Jan 31, 2023

My hero's journey started when my mom was diagnosed with cancer and then passed away, two years later, when I was 28. I lost my sole provider parent. This was right around the same time that I found Airbnb (renting out my extra rooms) as a side hustle which was leading me into a life of financial independence, that I...