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The Quiet Warrior Show

May 12, 2020

Vindy Teja is no stranger to hacking her way back to happiness. She’s a proud single parent, TEDx Speaker, Professional Life & Divorce Coach, and Author. She’s a graduate of The University of British Columbia and Western Law School.

Following her call to the B.C. bar, Vindy discovered her coaching passion as Career Development Director at Western Law School, where she also wrote a comprehensive legal career resource manual.  She acquired additional certifications and experience in Divorce Coaching, Life Coaching and Personal Training. 

Her diverse background, as well as her own experience of divorce and parenting, has equipped her with a continuing passion and wide lens with which to assist others. 

Along with many joys and successes, Vindy’s dealt with serious setbacks, personal and career challenges, not to mention pesky self-doubts. The result was a dive into deconstructing happiness, and her book YOLO: Essential Life Hacks for Happiness. Motivated by a strong belief that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and funnier, and that happiness is not a restricted club, she highlights hacks she used to find her way back to happiness after divorce.