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The Quiet Warrior Show

Aug 4, 2023

Dr. Clint Ladine is on a mission to help leaders utilize coaching 
techniques to unleash the power of their teams, optimize their 
leadership skills and drive performance to new heights. As a 
leadership/success coach and former professional basketball 
player, Dr. Clint knows the difference between bad and  
good coaches. A bad coach is self-focused, believes they are 
the only expert, and expects you to fall in line no matter what. A 
good coach unlocks hidden potential, nurtures natural abilities, 
and encourages people to fly. 

To that end, he has written Power Coaching, which many are 
calling a “must have” in their leadership toolbox. Dr. Clint Ladine 
is also the owner of Successfully Coaching, A leadership 
coaching business whose mission is to help leaders overcome 
obstacles to achieving success. 

Clint’s mission began with a life-changing encounter with 
coaching. While in the midst of his career, he was introduced to 
coaching, finding it to be transformative for him, his team and his organization. He quickly enrolled in a doctoral program to learn 
more about the psychology and methodology of coaching and 
has since become a sought-after writer, author and speaker on 
the subject of Leadership Coaching.