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The Quiet Warrior Show

Nov 12, 2019

Note: Dr. Ferreras retired from his role at Kwantlen University shortly before release of this interview continuing his journey with his Passions for music and life.   

Sal Ferreras launched his professional career as a musician, whose interests broadened to become a lifelong pursuit of connections and the bringing together of diverse musical and educational minds to promote innovation and discovery.

Driven by human, musical and ideological potential, Sal is a cultural catalyst and collaborator whose sensibility infuses his work as an administrator, musician, producer, and educator. His passion for knowledge, and continual quest to make sense of time
and rhythm has guided a successful professional career.
For the past several years, Sal has dedicated himself to promoting innovation and renewal in post secondary education as an academic administrator and, since 2013, as Provost and Vice President Academic of Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

A strongadvocate for meaningful partnerships, he has championed numerous academic, civicand industry relationships to improve lives and enhance community.

As an administrator and artist, Sal has nurtured excellence throughout a professional career that has included national and international events, tours, and multiple awards.

Sal continues to explore the arts & culture scene globally, while sharing his experiences and thoughts on his website and blog, It’s About Time, at