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The Quiet Warrior Show

Dec 17, 2019

Balraj Mann came from his homeland India to Canada and brought with him the teachings of his youth from a village in Punjab. Hear him tell his story of courage and perseverance, building a family owned business that spans locally and internationally, yet maintaining a family culture across multiple companies today known as the BM Group of Companies. His Dream of 1 Team, 1 Vision, 1 Family continues to evolve.


BIO: Balraj Mann has over thirty years of experience in Construction Materials Engineering and Corporate Management.  He is Owner and the Chairman of BM Group of companies that comprises of diverse portfolio of construction related businesses such as Polycrete Restorations Ltd.,   Penmat Contracting & Project Management Ltd., Yard At A Time Concrete Ltd., Dallas Watt demo Ltd. and Manorlane Homes Inc., etc.  Mr. Mann sits on the boards of International Concrete Repair Institute (BC Chapter) and Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation and is an active member of GVHBA, VBOT, SBOT, UDI, PTI, ACI, BCBEC, BOMA, ICBA and CPA. Mr. Mann is a regular supporter of KPU Education Foundation, BC Cancer Foundation and Children Hospital.