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The Quiet Warrior Show

Aug 25, 2020

Brittany Bexton grew up along the northern California coast, with Aretha Franklin, Motown, and rock & roll as part of the soundtrack to her childhood.  She didn’t grow up in a musical family, but she’s lived her life as a musical soul. Brittany would tell you that music isn’t just what she does, it’s part of who she is. At two, she climbed on stage at a campout and sang for the campers.  Her mother says that she should have known then what Brittany would spend her life doing.

Brittany started writing music before she was a teen, weaving stories into songs. She sang in church choirs, soaked up every music class she could in school, and received private voice tutoring with four master teachers. Brittany was involved with professional theater for years before moving to Nashville in 2011 to become a full time touring and recording artist.

Her training is evident in her powerful, smooth and consistent vocals. However, what makes Brittany’s performances compelling isn’t her technique, but the passion and life she brings to the stage. Her intuitive heart for music and the way she connects to the story and passion of a song is captivating.

Brittany believes that music and writing have a greater purpose to bring joy, laughter, connection and hope. She has written a book titled “Learning to Believe Again: 30 Days to Finding Hope, Faith, & Comfort in God’s Truth,” to be released in February 2020, shortly after her new single, “Believe Again.” When Brittany is not out touring or speaking, she is in Nashville, connecting with loved ones, songwriting, and working with organizations to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

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