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The Quiet Warrior Show

Feb 17, 2022

Host Tom Dutta became emotional when Dave mentored him live about Toms brain injury.  The two shared stories of life, dreams, near death concussions, and finding true childlike joy when you can't see the future.  

Dave Scatchard has always been the underdog, but his drive to overcome obstacles meant none of that mattered. That’s how his childhood dream of becoming an NHL hockey player came true at twenty-one, followed by marrying the love of his life and starting a beautiful family. For everything that came his way, he always knew he could work hard, fight through the pain, and prove himself. 

Everything, that is, until a fifth concussion gave him a taste of death and changed the way he looked at life forever. 

It took losing it all—his career, his abilities, and very nearly his life—to finally find it all. Dave’s journey through the best and worst of his career to the highs and lows of spiritual and physical healing point to a universal journey we all must take. Just like Dave’s life, The Comeback is about far more than hockey. It’s about how we come back to ourselves to find true freedom, weightless abandon, and a pure childlike joy.