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The Quiet Warrior Show

Jul 22, 2022

George Kalantzis knows life transitions. From a decade in the Marines, coaching thousands of hours on the gym floor, divorce, single parenting, and overcoming a suicide attempt, he understands the unique challenges we all face in the fast past society of the modern world.

With nearly twenty years of encounters with tough transitions, George empowers men and women to live life authentically by giving them the courage to find their voice and unlock their potential. He has the unique ability to speak to people in ways that make them feel seen and heard through prose, poetry, coaching, and experience that can only be found in the school of heart knocks.

George is the author of Nowhere To Go, a podcast host, a decorative combat veteran, and a personal coach at the Art of Tough Transitions, where you can grab a bonus course for purchasing Nowhere To Go.

Find him on the socials, eating ice cream with his daughter, or hiking in the mountains of NH