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The Quiet Warrior Show

Sep 22, 2022

It was once said, "We will be remembered by what we do in private, not in public."
What makes a career Politician likeable, relatable, and builds trust and rapport with the average person?

When Host Tom Dutta invited Dr. Gordie Hogg to a live interview, he said, "Dr. Hogg, check your ego in the green room. We'll tell real and raw stories, showing the side of you that most people don't always know".

Did Gordie show up in complete form? Watch the premiere interview; you decide. He even does a short "rap song" if you stay till the end.

Gordie Hogg is an Author, TEDx Speaker, Ph.D. respected and Visionary leader focused on making a positive difference as a change agent, locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. and is currently a candidate for Mayor. Gordie has served as Mayor, Member of the Legislative Assembly in British Columbia, Member of Parliament for Federal Government, and works tirelessly on 5 Volunteer Boards to make a community impact.