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The Quiet Warrior Show

Jan 31, 2023

My hero's journey started when my mom was diagnosed with cancer and then passed away, two years later, when I was 28. I lost my sole provider parent. This was right around the same time that I found Airbnb (renting out my extra rooms) as a side hustle which was leading me into a life of financial independence, that I didn't realize at the time but it would change the trajectory of my life. Now, I feel very strongly about teaching others about how they can achieve financial independence so that we can become free to focus on the things we truly value in our lives, and not have to be in survival mode.

From 50k in debt to Financially Free in 2 years with Airbnb! 

Zeona McIntyre has been an Airbnb host since 2012. After 10 years of managing short-term rentals across the globe, she has transitioned to selling Real Estate to investors looking to house hack or live for free. She is an avid Real Estate Investor owning a double-digit portfolio of short and medium-term rentals. In the fall of 2022, she will release the book: “30-Day Stay. An Investor’s Guide to Mastering the Medium-term Rental '' coauthored with Sarah Weaver. She teaches listeners how to achieve Financial Freedom through Real Estate on her Podcast: Invest2FI, co-hosted with Craig Curelop. She has been featured on BiggerPockets, Mr. Money Mustache, NPR, Business Insider, and more than 50 podcasts. Zeona has been to 47 countries. She spends half the year in Boulder, Colorado, and the other half travelling the world as an international pet sitter. Learn more here: