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The Quiet Warrior Show

Jun 6, 2023

Leslee Montgomery is a sought-after facilitator, public speaker, content creator and consultant to the Construction Industry on Safety and Mental Health.   What makes her story different from anyone else's, and why is she working in a male-dominated industry?: 

When Host Tom Dutta asked Leslee why listeners should tune in to her story, she wrote, "In 2010, when I decided to take my life, I was terrified but so focused on finding a way. The 2008 recession had kicked my ass; mentally, I was down and scared. A call to a colleague looking for work resulted in "leaving it to the universe," setting off a decision in my head to take my life. 

While eating my last meal, the universe did call with a job offer. That moment became more than getting back to work; it became the moment I understood my purpose. There aren't too many living heroes in the construction industry. It became my mission positively affect the mental health of the people I worked with. I started to listen to people, connect with them, support them, and it grew into a mission to eradicate suicide in the construction industry."