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The Quiet Warrior Show

Sep 27, 2023

Host Tom Dutta asked Craig to explain his traumas and maltreatment that led to his transformation in his life to serve through a higher source.

 He said: "For 25 years, I led the life of a busy global executive — 2.5 million miles on one airline and 1.0 million miles on another. I actually bragged about this status.

Looking back, I was living, but I was not ALIVE. Life was great until it wasn’t.

One day, my doctor ordered bed rest. My version of bedrest was my laptop, cell phone and conference calls from my bed. At that moment, I knew my current lifestyle had become my new normal, and something had to change! I had to become an advocate for my own health and lifestyle. "


Craig is a former burned-out global executive who struggled with exhaustion, poor sleep, inconsistent food choices, and feeling confident in his skin. He was so driven that his global lifestyle started to impact his health. He has since transformed his health and changed his lifestyle through the use of science-based behaviours. Now, as a High-Performance Lifestyle Consultant, he empowers high-performing business leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve even more success in their careers without sacrificing their lives & critical relationships.


Craig is an international speaker who shared the stage with Sharon Lechter, Les Brown, Bill Walsh, James Dentley and Noel Lee. He has also been featured on podcasts & stages across the US and Latin America and is releasing his book – Winning at the Game of Life and Business in 2023.

 He holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University and a business degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. He previously worked as a partner at Hewitt Associates for over 25 years. He has also worked as a Health Coach and educator for the Equinox Sports Club Los Angeles and owns his own high-performance lifestyle business. He’s partnered with hundreds of clients to ignite their energy and live a life with even more clarity, intention and integrity.