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The Quiet Warrior Show

Oct 4, 2023

Returning to The Quiet Warrior Show for the second time, Dr. Martha Boone brings her stories of talking vaginas and wonderful humour to the studio with her new book, "The Unfettered Urologist."  A non-fiction tale of wisdom she never had time to share with her patients in their fifteen-minute appointments. 

 About the author:

 Dr. Martha Boone is one of the first one hundred women board-certified in urology. After 23 years of education, she practiced academic urology for five years and private practice for twenty-four. She was named TOP DOC in urology in Atlanta for over a decade.

 Her first novel, The Big Free, fictionalizes her first six months at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Her current book, The Unfettered Urologist, is nonfiction and explains the pearls of wisdom she never had time to include in a short office visit. It was published on August 15, 2023.

 Her third book, Mother Charity, will be released in March of 2024 and is the sequel to The Big Free.  Dr. Boone retired to write full-time and travel with her husband.