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The Quiet Warrior Show

Oct 13, 2023

Like many of you, I’m no stranger to hardship. As a child, I was forced to migrate with my family from the Dominican Republic to New York City, where we faced seemingly endless adversity. My parents were both professionals in the Dominican Republic. In New York, my father worked as a floor technician and my mom in a sweat shop. My father had an accident and became disabled for life. It was only my mom working and we couldn’t make ends meet. Some nights we didn’t have dinner; my late brother and myself had to go to work as children. This period of time has shaped my life. I am driven to be successful because I promised myself that my family will never experience this again. Between language barriers and culture shock, I found it difficult to find my footing in such a foreign place and yearned for well-intentioned guidance. I worked hard in school and did very well. I started a career in healthcare as an executive. I yearned to impact people’s lives in a positive manner everyday. I continued my education and obtain a Masters in Healthcare Administration and now a Doctorate in Leadership. I just published my first book focusing on Leadership Attributes CRAVE (Communication, Respect, Authenticity, Vulnerability and Empathy). After leading hundreds of teams, I found that these attributes are vital for creating great leaders and successful teams. I now coach, train, consult and speak on leadership and leadership development. I have a coaching program designated towards leaders that I provide to individuals and organizations.