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The Quiet Warrior Show

Oct 26, 2023

When Host Tom Dutta asked Duncan Robinson about setbacks and tragedies that shaped him into the great man he is today, he wrote:


"Never imagined the word Cancer in a child, never mind your son, but it happened, and then we went through the process of getting Michael better, but on the day he was supposed to return to school, the other word you never want to hear, is your son has relapsed, we’ll do all we can, however, we’ve used the most aggressive treatment plan out there, and then, all we can do now is manage the pain, your son will complete his life, soon @ the age of 14….those words still resonate. However, Michael gave me hope in his words, will you be okay, Dad, because I will…."


This interview will take you on a journey of many emotions and leave you inspired with hope no matter what SUDDEN IMPACT occurs in your life:


About Duncan:

Duncan Robinson is a third-generation financial specialist specializing in generational wealth transfer and legacy building. Building on his father and grandfather's wealth of financial management knowledge, he forged a new career path by integrating strategies and solutions from traditional and modern practices.


He rose to prominence in the insurance industry by working with prominent families with complex family wealth landscapes and different, sometimes competing, priorities and needs.  Duncan’s patience and persistence in providing the best solution to the clients have always been seen as frank, straightforward, and sincere.     


Duncan advocates for educating the clients (both the current generation business owners and their successors) on wealth preservation for multiple generations.


Duncan is a highly driven triathlete, motivational speaker and industry influencer who has written two books on the importance of planning and believes that life is perfectly imperfect, and that’s the perfection of it.