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The Quiet Warrior Show

Jun 26, 2024

Reino Gevers is a seasoned pilgrim who has walked twelve different Camino pilgrimage routes in northwestern Spain. His journey began after hitting a wall in his over 20-year journalism career, prompting a complete reinvention of himself. His first book, "Walking on Edge," is a fictional narrative drawn from his personal experiences on the Camino. His latest non-fiction work, "Deep Walking – for Body, Mind, and Soul," captures crucial lessons from the Camino, distilled from interviews and conversations with hundreds of fellow pilgrims and he now reveals his new book The Turning of the Circle. 

Reino now dedicates much of his time to workshops, speaking tours, corporate health counseling, and mentoring leaders and achievers. Residing on the island of Majorca, he enjoys hiking, practicing martial arts, writing, and blogging in his free time.
Reino believes it is our destiny as human beings to grow and become who we are truly meant to be. Life is not meant to be an easy ride. Trigger points such as divorce, the loss of a loved one, or financial ruin can elevate you to higher consciousness or leave you stagnating in melancholy. Our true calling often lies in the wounds of the past, sculpting us into the human beings we are destined to become. Reflecting on the past, it's clear how overcoming pain and obstacles equips us to fulfill our divine purpose.

As an author and mentor, Reino aims to provide the tools that have helped him navigate life's challenges. Many of his insights came from long, solitary walks on the Camino de Santiago. In retrospect, those moments were among the most precious. The role of a mentor, he believes, is to guide, hold to account, and listen. If you feel a deep desire to grow, learn, and achieve financial independence, health, and strength, Reino may be able to assist you. His mentoring program focuses on finding soul purpose, building resilience, and mind-setting.

Reino holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from the University of South Africa and has been a trainer for leaders and achievers for the past ten years. He is the author of several books, including "Deep Walking for Body, Mind, and Soul," "Walking on Edge: A Pilgrimage to Santiago," and "Yield and Overcome: How Change Can Positively Impact Our Lives."

Having experienced hitting the wall and finding the reset button to change his life's trajectory, Reino left South Africa at 23 to start a new life in Europe. He did it again ten years ago, leaving a well-paid job to start his own business from scratch. The brink of job burnout led him to his first Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, which changed his life. He has since walked the Camino twelve times and incorporates an annual pilgrimage into his life.