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The Quiet Warrior Show

Sep 12, 2018

ROTUND ROLAND releases Sept 12 2018 as his latest brilliant book and is one of the most important books of our time.  Hear Author J.L. Callison reveal his mission to crush bullying through love as illustrated in his EPIC book.  

J.L. Callison was an early and voracious reader. He even read volumes A-H of the World Book Encyclopedia when in the third grade!Service to others has been a theme of his adult life. He has served in youth work through his church and in other capacities as opportunities were available. He has also served in jail and rescue mission ministries, in food pantries, and with the local police department through the Aurora Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association. Having studied for the ministry, he has put his training to use in a lay capacity.

After a varied career in retail, recycling, sales, and transportation, Callison fulfilled a life-long dream of writing. He followed Louis L’Amour’s adage in that he considers himself along the lines of the old-time storytellers more than as a writer. His first novel, Stranded at Romson’s Lodge (Morgan James 2016), was received with very good reviews. His second work, My Donkey and the Master, is a novelette that released in April 2018.  

Callison lives in Aurora, IL with his wife of 40+ years. They have five grown children and six grandchildren of whom he is inordinately proud

GET THE BOOK AT:  (Amazon) or your favourite on and offline bookstore  (Personally Signed Copy from the Author)  (Callison's website)