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The Quiet Warrior Show

Sep 25, 2018

Val Brown is a communication and organization development specialist who just happened to spend her career behind the camera as a writer, producer and director.

She is an Emmy Award winning producer and uses her unique skills to help business professional and entrepreneurs identify and over come the hidden reasons they are afraid to be in front of the camera. Val helps you learn get camera ready to multiply your business results through video.

Val has found over the years in coaching everyone from executives and elected officials to entrepreneurs building a business, there are similar self limiting beliefs that hold people back from being on camera.

“Most people I’ve coached  are uncomfortable on camera because of the stories they carry around inside their heads about themselves whether it’s how they look or how they sound. Once they discover what those hidden obstacles are, it frees them to show up authentically and credibly on camera.”

To help them overcome their on camera challenges, she developed a 3 part framework that starts with purpose, followed by a planning process to support a powerful on camera presence that’s brand aligned with message and purpose. Val is all about teaching people how to use video to communicate with a wider audience in business and in life.

 Val grew up in a semi-rural part of Southern California, riding horses and raising animals as a member of 4-H.  Those experiences were significant to shaping her values and who she is today.

When she first started her career in television, there were not a lot of opportunities for women in production. She found her career path after a stint in front of the camera as a producer, writer and director.

She managed a couple of television stations in Southern California where she produced news, public affairs and all kinds of programming including sports and arts and culture and as the stations grew, it opened more opportunities for women, especially in news.

Val also worked in the public sector in communication where she saw the value of the mix of her communication and  organization development skills make an impact on the community through the stories she captured and shared.

Val also owns her own communication company and coaches and consults with high performing business professionals and entrepreneurs to help them look, feel and sound their best in front of the camera.