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The Quiet Warrior Show

Jun 4, 2019

Terrance “Miracle” Minnoy is a passionate Keynote Speaker, Coach, Resilience Strategist, and Author. He is certified by the Les Brown Institute. He partners with organizations to develop teams that resiliently thrive through change and disruption. Terrance recognizes that in business and in life, change and disruption are inevitable. The overall performance of any business and its team members can be adversely impacted. By conducting strategic workshops and delivering targeted keynote messages, he can be pivotal in the regrouping process that leads to organizational advancement in the midst of challenges.

Terrance is familiar with unforeseen adversity, sudden change and disruption. Seemingly in the best of health, in 2015, he was tragically debilitated after suffering three strokes in a 24-hour period! Miraculously, against all odds, Terrance made a full recovery hence the moniker, “Miracle”. By following a system, he found himself not just recovering but flourishing in multiple areas of his life despite the reality of his situation. He believes that in the volatile world of corporate America, a systematic approach can also be implemented to recover, reset, and achieve desired outcomes.

Terrance earned his undergrad in Business Management and masters in Organizational Management. He also has multiple decades of sales experience. He has been nationally recognized as a top performing sales leader with three global organizations. This placed him in the “heat of battle” during some of the world’s most competitive corporate wars. Terrance is more than qualified to coach, train and motivate others to boldly face challenges.