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The Quiet Warrior Show

Oct 19, 2023

When Host Tom Dutta asked Lisa Wilkes about her back story before the interview, she said, "During early adolescence, I developed an eating disorder. I'd been a perfectionist my whole life. Still, that quest for so-called flawlessness has a dark side, especially for women under intense societal pressure to portray a particular image. I knew I was damaging my body, but the addictive side of my brain did not care. Maybe that was subconsciously part of my goal.

I found healing through a deep connection to people and animals. It took me over a decade to get to a healthy weight, so I won't pretend this was an easy problem to fix. Therapy helped because it offered a nonjudgmental space where I could be honest instead of minimizing everything or pretending I was okay. 

Friendships helped. I turned to friends and family, baring my soul even when that was scary as hell. The first time I confided in a close friend, my hands trembled, and sweat dripped. It was so embarrassing to have this psychological aversion to something as simple and necessary as food. I felt like a failure, but all I received from my buddy was love. She didn't see me as a freak. She viewed me as a brilliant human trying hard to get back on track. And that made me believe maybe, just maybe, I was not beyond hope.

Lisa Wilkes is an American author, licensed social worker (LMSW), flight attendant, and animal rescuer. Lisa has spent 13 years in the aviation industry, jetting across the globe and collecting inspiration for her writings. Her debut novel, Flight Path, is a fast-paced romance with serendipitous encounters. This book follows a daydreaming stewardess as she learns to navigate a new terrain: unconditional love.

In her second novel, Mid-Flight, Lisa transports readers to 2038. A flight attendant begins to unravel after her best friend is killed in a plane crash. In the throes of unspeakable grief, she uncovers a political ploy to decimate one-fifth of the population. She must risk everything to combat this sinister plan, including her breathtaking new romance.

Lisa’s writing is provocative and timely, focusing on societal issues and internal conflict. Flight Path’s readers will appreciate Mid-Flight's emphasis on hope and redemption, while newcomers to Lisa’s work will be drawn to the power of her storytelling.