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The Quiet Warrior Show

May 21, 2022

When Sarajane Giere was asked by Tom Dutta why her story fits the hero's journey narrative, she wrote this: 

"’s also my story and the journey of our 52 years of marriage. I’ve learned how my grief has turned to joy in the writing, how my pilot and I sacrificed for the sake of our marriage instead of each...

May 4, 2022

What does a D1 athlete, drug dealer, husband, pastor, father & founder of a coaching company have in common? You might be surprised to learn that these are all stages of life for Kyle Sullivan. It’s quite the journey and all hats have built upon and led to the creation of Unleash the Champ.

In this episode we talk gut...

Apr 5, 2022

Susan Landers, MD, practiced full-time neonatology—the intensive care of critically ill premature and newborn infants—while raising three children.

She has worked in academic medicine, on the faculty of two medical schools, and in a private practice. For many years, Susan worked for the American Academy of...

Mar 22, 2022

CLINT ARTHUR is the provocative, truth-telling author of 21 Best selling books, including "Celebrity Entrepreneurship,"  "Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV," and his Pulitzer Prize nominated life's-work masterpiece, "Wisdom Of The Men."

As a speaker, Clint has shared the stage with Martha Stewart, Dr Oz, Suzanne...

Feb 23, 2022

When I asked Michael Anthony to tell me why he fit the narrative of my show he sent me this message and it shifted my thinking as an adult who himself navigated through childhood traumas.  The interview tells all.

Michael wrote:

I was born to a hyper-abusive drug addict mother who cut my finger off at 4 years old, a...