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The Quiet Warrior Show

Sep 1, 2020

I asked Nawal Tandon to write me a bio that represented his Journey and this is what he sent me (see below)...  we talked about his journey in life, his purpose and the balance of traditional beliefs of our parents and new beliefs of the next generations who immigrate to Canada and North America from India.  

Nawal Tandon’s Journey

Born in Jalandhar city, India in 1964 in a culturally rich family.

Father was an Accountant and a flute artist.

Mother was Home maker

Three brothers, settled in India.

Career in India: Pharmaceuticals sales career: 1986-2006

SmithKline Beecham, GSK and Serum Institute of India.

Migrated to Canada in 2006

Toronto 2006-07: worked with Bell Canada

Surrey: Nov.2007 to till date

Started Drishti Media Group in 2010 and launched Drishti Magazine, South Asian lifestyle magazine.

2015: Launched Drishti Awards

2020: Celebrating 10 years anniversary of Drishti magazine

Core values: Faith, Knowledge, Leadership, Integrity, Optimism, Community Service,

Community involvement: BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation, Liver Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, Canada India Network Society, Perminder Chohan Foundation, SABA, BCIBN, SFU Diwali Gala,


I believe in Karma and that is my religion.