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The Quiet Warrior Show

Nov 3, 2020

Dr. Ryan C.N. D’Arcy, Ph.D., Eng.L., is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder, President, and Chief Scientific Officer of HealthTech Connex a brain health technology company. He also holds Professorship appointments at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia, where he serves as a BC Leadership Chair in neuroimaging and neurotechnology. He has published more than 256 academic works, attracted more than $85 Million in competitive research and innovation funding, and been recognized through numerous awards and distinctions (e.g., Canada's Public Service Award of Excellence and named as a KickAss Canadian). Dr. D'Arcy is a 3X TEDx speaker, who speaks frequently on brain health innovations around the world.


Major career scientific advances include the discovery of white matter activation in functional MRI, the world's first VR simulator for neurosurgical training and planning, the development and deployment of the world's first brain vital sign framework, and the utilization of neuroplasticity in brain injury to drive recovery well beyond conventional limits.


Dr. D'Arcy received a B.Sc. (with distinction) from the University of Victoria along with both M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in neuroscience from Dalhousie University (Killam Scholar). He did post-doctoral training in medical imaging physics at the National Research Council (NRC) Institute for Biodiagnostics, and holds a professional engineering designation in neuroimaging and neurotechnology (Eng.L.). While with NRC, he spent over a decade leading the development of Atlantic Canada’s biomedical imaging cluster before returning home to Vancouver in 2012 to catalyze and co-lead the development of BC's multi-billion dollar Health and Technology District.