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The Quiet Warrior Show

Nov 16, 2021

PRESS RELEASE, July 1, 2021

‘GIFTED WITH DYSLEXIA’ PINS – introducing a Universal Symbol for Dyslexia!!!

Did you know there was no universal symbol for dyslexia ? Well, there is now, because we (The Whole Dyslexic Society) created one, a beautiful, positive one.

   WHY: When we see a pink ribbon – we see a proud breast cancer survivor, when we see a heart, we automatically know it represents love.  Well now it’s time for us to see a person who is proud to be dyslexic.  Does that seem strange?  Well, the truth is we are not learning disabled, and many of us feel proud to have a natural ability which has a huge upside in the 3D world, and a downside in the 2D world of print ONLY because we are not taught in the way that we learn.

WHAT FOR:  Over 400 Davis Facilitators worldwide have the privilege of providing programs derived from The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D Davis.  Despite their 98% success rate, they remain in the private sector and so financial assistance is required by some.  Since 2002 The Whole Dyslexic Society has provided $90,000 CAN to 63 clients, and we need more funds.

WHEN:  The Whole Dyslexic Society is launching these pins worldwide in August, to coincide with their Walk and Talk the DYS out of Dyslexia campaign, with more coverage in October 2021, to coincide with Dyslexia Awareness week.  We need to educate our education system so they can change, rather than expecting the children to change who they are.

WHERE:  Just go to for more information, photos, our goals and how to order.

HOW: did this come about? A huge thank you to local artist Amanda Jane Green who donated her design to us obviously she has ‘the gift of dyslexia’.

CONTACT: Sue Blyth Hall, Founder and Chair of The Whole Dyslexic Society, Author of Fish Don’t Climb Trees, Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator, TEDxBearCreekPark speaker, March 27, 2021: Enable the Different Learner:

Email:   Cell 604.614.4958.