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The Quiet Warrior Show

May 4, 2022

What does a D1 athlete, drug dealer, husband, pastor, father & founder of a coaching company have in common? You might be surprised to learn that these are all stages of life for Kyle Sullivan. It’s quite the journey and all hats have built upon and led to the creation of Unleash the Champ.

In this episode we talk gut punches and triumphs... 

Kyle founded Unleash the Champ to create powerful coaching experiences for people and organizations that lead to discovering and stepping into the champion they were created to be. With over 10 years of organizational leadership & team development leading thousands of people plus a growing desire to learn it all, he strives to inspire people everywhere to unlock the cages they are in to unleash the champ within.

Kyle has  personally coached over 1000 individuals over the last decade of various leadership development roles.

His belief is that the biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people isn't intelligence, opportunity or resources. It's the belief that you can make you goals happen.