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The Quiet Warrior Show

Nov 9, 2022

Retired LtCol Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz is a career Air Force Veteran who served as a Public Affairs Officer and Nurse. Masters degrees in Nursing and Political Science frame her practice and perspectives.

It was her life’s calling to design and lead a never-been-done-before military outreach program in Ohio in response to 9/11, to educate and engage civilians in support of troops and their families.

While not serving in uniform, Gallowitz established and managed Buckeye Sports and Orthopedic Specialists and was the President of the Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce. She has first-hand experience hiring Veterans.

As the owner of Vanguard Veteran, she equips civilians to become Veteran Champions as the “Veteran-hiring Concierge,” “Military Ministry Builder,” and “Fallen Comrades Ceremony Producer.”

She coaches volunteers on creating “Military Ministries” (in partnership with clergy) to foster connection, a sense of belonging and promote spiritual resiliency.

Kathy serves as the Chair of the Arizona Governor’s Veterans’ Service Advisory Commission and the Southwest Veteran Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and is the Veteran-hiring Advisor for the Arizona Society of Human Resource Management.

Her husband, Ed, is a retired career active-duty Soldier with four combat tours. Together they have six sons, one daughter and three grandchildren.