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The Quiet Warrior Show

Jan 14, 2020

When Jenn Elizabeth was a child her inner strength came from a place of personal trauma...she turned that into a gift to help others.  Hear her incredible story.

Jenn Elizabeth is a Trauma PI Nurse Coordinator and formerly a trauma nurse in a busy emergency department. She has  held the hand of countless men and women while they watched their spouse of 60 years pass away. She's held a sobbing mother as the realization that her infant will never come home again hits true.

She's been able to be the support for a man, who is the rock in his own family, while she helped fix his fatal heart rhythm and later got to clap and cheer as he walked out of the hospital. She's placed her hand on the face of a young man to guide his eyes to hers, so she could tell him that his decision to rush a man holding his little brother at gunpoint saved both their lives. 

Jenn Elizabeth is a teacher at a local university teaching nursing students. Two to three times a year she takes a nursing student for a couple of months to mentor them. She is a mom,  a wife.  and a survivor.