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The Quiet Warrior Show

Oct 27, 2022

Host Tom Dutta asked Grant Tate what his real story was on the way to transformation in his life and career...he said, "I was a small-town kid who jumped on the corporate (IBM) fast track, advanced rapidly in the hi-tech rapidly changing environment, but eventually found his career stalled and his marriage falling apart. After hitting bottom, he moves to Europe where he found a new path to transformation."

Grant Tate is a servant leader, transformational coach, and business consultant who helps people learn how to thrive in our chaotic world.

He challenges leaders and emerging professionals to answer the questions: Who am I? What am I called to do now? Who am I going to work with to get it done?

Highly sought after as a coach, Grant uses his writing and his role as CEO of Bridge Business Transformations as vehicles to develop strong relationships with clients and friends.

Grant is a graduate of the University of Virginia, Syracuse, Stanford, and Pace Universities. He lives in Charlottesville, VA with his wife.