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The Quiet Warrior Show

Nov 1, 2022

Sandy Gerber will share the real challenges behind her successes and how she overcame them to transform and teach others how to have great relationships 

Sandy Gerber is a multiple award-winning author, communications and marketing strategist, and TEDx speaker. As CEO of NEXT Marketing Agency, she set a new standard for innovative communications, growing the company from her bedroom into one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in British Columbia.

She's been named 2022 QW Literary Award Finalist and inducted into the QW Global Top 100 Book List,  2022 Bronze Medalist Independent Publishers Book Award Winner (IPPYs), Businessperson of the Year, Mompreneur of the Year, and a YWCA's Women of Distinction Finalist.

She's enlightened thousands from the speaker stage and has coached hundreds of people in effective communication. Sandy lives in Vancouver, B.C., with her partner Kris, her two children, and their dog Router.