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The Quiet Warrior Show

Feb 5, 2019


Kenneth Edward Stevenson, Jr. has shown outstanding promise and a commitment to improving his world since he was a youngster in the Homewood-Brushton area, an inner city Pittsburgh neighborhood. FULL BIO @

Following high school, Stevenson won a Congressional appointment to the Air Force Academy.  It was the beginning of a fourteen-year Air Force career which saw Stevenson graduate as one of only six blacks in his class of almost 700.

After pilot training, Stevenson was assigned to the Strategic Air Command (SAC) as a B-52 co-pilot and he received ten Air Medals and three Distinguished Flying Crosses for his service.  He also advanced to command his own B-52 crew at the age of 25..

Stevenson was selected by the Air Force Academy to attend a Master’s program at the University of Pittsburgh and teach an undergraduate course in Black Literature.  He finished his Master of Arts in English, Cum Laude, in only nine months.  Stevenson’s time in Pittsburgh was not easy, however; after enduring theft, vandalism, and racist threats, he became more committed than ever to improving the conditions of his home community.  In 1992, he obtained his first doctoral degree from the Friends International Christian University in California, and in 1994, obtained a second doctoral degree from the Christian Bible Institute in New Jersey.

In 1979, the U.S. Jaycees selected Stevenson as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of America along with then governor Bill Clinton and the late John Denver.  From 1978 to 1985, Dr. Stevenson worked for International Business Machines (IBM) as a marketing representative and a corporate pilor.

In 1985, Stevenson and his wife Mary Ann founded the Everlasting Covenant Christian Ekklesia in Dutchess County, New York.  What began as a small group bible study held in the couple’s basement, grew into a culturally diverse congregation of over 700. Then in 1990 the Stevensons established Everlasting Covenant Christian Academy, a private Christian school for the pursuit of excellence in all life disciplines. 

Dr. Stevenson has also published numerous works and appeared in several television and radio programs.  As Recording Secretary for the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP), he accompanied the American scientific team to the Turin in October 1978 when it joined a select few international  scientists  to study this linen and analyse it for DNA and other evidence of its age, origins and use.  Stevenson edited The Proceedings of the 1977 United States Conference of Research on the Shroud of Turin. and was the author and co-author of three internationally known best sellers in the United States on the subject : Verdict on the Shroud, The Shroud and the Controversy and Image of the Risen Christ and a documentary Behold the Man. His newest book NAZAH: White Linen and the Blood of Sprinkling covers 40 years of research.

Stevenson and his wife Mary Ann have four grown children, Jejchelle, Kenneth III, Sean, and Angela, and twelve grandchildren.