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The Quiet Warrior Show

Mar 20, 2019

Think of the organizations with which you’ve been a part - were they filled with mostly good people - but the results just didn’t match the organization’s potential?

That sums up the results from my first medical center crew: I was failing as a leader. My crew was uninspired, not making progress, didn’t work together - I could go on - it was NOT pretty!

I searched for a solution - I tried books, courses, & workshops - they all told me WHAT a good leader should be. Most of them provided lists of things that sounded great! But…as I tried to put their lessons to use, I became even MORE frustrated!

Until I had a crazy thought (inspired by my time as an Air Force flyer), “Could there be something similar in getting an aircraft or organization “off the ground” & to its desired destination?”

That crazy thought became an epiphany that resulted in the tools we use to help good people become great leaders by showing them not just what but HOW!

Let’s go back to those organizations with which you’ve been a part. What could they have accomplished if…every leader…had been: Competent, Compassionate, & Collaborated to achieve the desired vision? 
Is it possible: Productivity would have greatly improved, Turnover would have been reduced & the entire crew would have looked forward to Monday!

Now, imagine what your life would be like, how would you feel, when this describes the results in YOUR organization…Pretty great, right?

 As the Executive’s Ally, I have a system - built, tested, & refined in the “trenches” of the greatest leadership laboratory - that helps leaders of leaders achieve awesome results by turning: Goals, Dreams, Big Visions and Big Purpose into Reality.

 Are you one of these leaders? Are you committed to TRUE excellence? Do you want to UNLEASH the potential in your entire team? If so, don’t do it alone. Find a coach who can help you get where you want to go.  Be overjoyed when you find your organization filled with an entire team of Competent, Compassionate, and Collaborative leaders!

 Ken is a retired United States Air Force Lt Colonel and has extensive experience in leadership and management.  He worked for decades in the business environment, healthcare sector, and spent many years in the military as a flyer and Squadron Commander. Ken has worked with the United States Military, the American College of Healthcare Executives, Johnson & Johnson, colleges/universities, and many others.  Ken earned a Bachelor’s in Health Policy Administration from Penn State, a Master’s in Business with an emphasis on Management at the University of Northern Colorado; plus, he is a Board Certified Healthcare Executive (CHE) and Certified Leader Coach (CLdrC).