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The Quiet Warrior Show

Feb 25, 2020

Rachel Mushahwar is a global executive with 23+ years of experience in a variety of industries where she has consistently delivered significant and measurable bottom-line results and has been continuously rewarded with new challenges and opportunities. An expert in aligning strategy with organizational vision...

Feb 20, 2020

Jake Melton is an engaging and moving keynote speaker, author, Forbe's featured coach, and a respected leadership expert. He is a proud voice and advocate for mental health and Tourette Syndrome.

Jake is set out to help develop world-class leaders that can lead us in today's world and help build the future,...

Feb 11, 2020

In his latest Solo Podcast Executive Producer and Host Tom Dutta talks about How our Brains Think, Why we are wired for a negativity bias, the little known fact that humans have a skill no others have, 10 Thinking Traps, Top 10 Unwanted Thoughts and well, just about everything else. Visit for Tom's...

Feb 4, 2020

Don Rheem is an Author, TEDx Speaker, and CEO of E3 Solutions, a provider of employee workplace metrics which allows organizations to build engaged, high-performance cultures. Rheem focuses on using science-backed research to consult with leaders at all levels within an organization. His passion for delivering...

Jan 28, 2020


Anna Dutta and Tom Dutta talk about the journey to 24 years of marriage.
Called by some a “power couple” in business they talk about love, business, Faith, loss and well...just about everything.

Show taped at the Wedgewood Hotel Vancouver BC Canada.

More about Tom and Anna...