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The Quiet Warrior Show

Jun 27, 2018

Baraladei Daniel Igali fondly known as "Canada's other son" was born 1974 Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria. He grew up wrestling in the mud pits with children, drinking dirty water and wondering about planes in the sky above.  He had a DREAM of going to the Olympics and didn't even know what it was. Overcoming incredible obstacles and odds, he fulfilled his DREAM as a young man winning a GOLD medal for Canada.  Igali provided the perfect capper for Canada in Sydney when he won Canada’s first and so far only Olympic gold medal in men’s wrestling. After his final victory, Igali honoured his new country by laying the Canadian flag in the centre of the ring, dancing around it and kissing it.Beyond wrestling…his ability to overcome personal hardships have made him a leader in and outside of the ring in his community. Today Daniel resides between Surrey BC Canada with his wife and children and in Nigeria as an MLA for the Government representing his people. His notable Olympic appearances included:

1994 Commonwealth Olympic Games Victoria BC

2000 Sydney Australia (GOLD MEDAL Men’s wrestling)

2004 Athens Greece