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The Quiet Warrior Show

Mar 12, 2019

Linda began her journey at the age of 46, after raising her two daughters and returning to the workforce after a 13 year absence.  Her career up until that point had been primarily in the legal industry working as an administrator/paralegal in the areas of nonprofit, foreclosure, real estate, construction and engineering compliance.  In her spare time she acquired her certifications in energy medicine, essential oils, anti-inflammatory nutrition and a certified health coach.  She was recently accepted as a board certified health coach with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Having passed the age of 50, life for Linda continued to open up interesting opportunities and ideas, and the positive mindset change from her energy medicine training provided the tools to coach women over 50.  To Linda, there was a missing piece to help women develop a positive mindset that could help women transform into their fabulous selves!

Today Linda spends her time as a Wellness coach for women along with being a makeup artist and makeup instructor at John Casablanca's Modeling Agency.  FABOVER50COACHING