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The Quiet Warrior Show

Apr 24, 2019

KIM HINKSON, President and Founder

With almost 3 decades as a business owner in the financial sector, Kim is a known innovator. The value that he provides to his clients is unparalleled. He is fiercely committed to delivering value to his clients, opening doors for them to a life of greater abundance and new possibilities.  He Founded Ocean West Financial Group to carry out his business mission.  

Kim Hinkson, Artist

 Inspired by Jackson Pollock. Driven by a desire for raw authentic self-expression, Kim delves into his innermost thoughts and galvanizes them into abstract works of acrylic on canvas.

 After many years of independently evolving his craft, Kim is ready to share his art with the world.  These bold, organic, creations evoke the beauty, power and inspiration of Canada – raw and ready for discovery.

 A passionate supporter of the arts for decades through his family and business, it took years for Kim to finally give himself the time and space to explore his own talents.  

 Working out of Emily Carr University on Granville Island in Vancouver B.C., he has developed a dramatic self-taught style all his own. Unafraid of failure, he chases bold ideas with a feverish passion and deeply rooted need to create.