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The Quiet Warrior Show

Jul 23, 2019

Why did Clarissa Shetler and Christine Falsetti Co-Found C2 California Clean Skincare?  They found a common thread and turned Tragedy into Passion with a Purpose to make an impact in the World. Listen to their incredible story. 

Clarissa Shetler is a board certified family pharmacist and has been in practice for more than 20 years. She has spent the last five years studying the emerging research surrounding the health risks of everyday chemicals used in skin care cosmetics and the alternative sources and benefits of non toxic, advanced plant botanicals to formulate safer, powerful skin care for you.  She feels that both an outside and inside approach to health including quality nutrition, exercise, mindfulness along with clean, nourishing skin care reduces the cumulative toxic burden to the body is a critical component to disease prevention and health promotion.

Christine Falsetti has always been passionate about life, family and friends. After experiencing cancer in her family, she began to take a closer look at the toxins in her environment and was horrified by the potentially harmful ingredients she found in her daily life, particularly in her family skin care products. She began looking for safer skin care options only to be disappointed by their performance and frustrated by misleading marketing. Christine believes women and their families deserve quality products that perform, without compromising their health.