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The Quiet Warrior Show

Nov 19, 2019

It took three family tragedies for Jade to awaken from decades of darkness and self-sabotage. The agony of losing her last living sister to suicide the summer of 2015 left only enough energy to deal with her grief. She knew then she must face the pain of her past or risk losing herself for good.

By listening intently to her inner voice, Jade began healing from the inside out and finally living in an authentic way. On her quest for self-love and acceptance, she discovered life coaching and began investing in her own well-being and success. For the very first time in her life, she embraced her entire story and started sharing it with others.

​In 2016, she joined the Walworth County Suicide Prevention Education and Awareness Coalition and, in 2017 and 2018, also co-chaired the Walworth County Out of the Darkness Community Walk for suicide awareness and prevention. Jade volunteers for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Healing Conversations Program (formerly known as the Survivor Outreach Program), which offers personal support to survivors of suicide loss.

Her website, No Parameters, was initially a blog: a place to keep, honor, and share her grief poetry and stories. But, by the fall of 2017, she knew it needed to be more. Jade wanted to give other survivors permission to live wholeheartedly too, so they could embrace their stories and come back to life again. It was then the coaching services were added.

Her passions are postvention* and teaching others how to create and sustain genuine and meaningful connections. In short, She helps women rebuild after traumatic loss.

In September of 2018, her first book, Wake Me from the NIGHTMARE: Hope, Healing, and Empowerment After Suicide Loss, was released on Amazon, and it quickly became a number one bestseller. Shortly thereafter, it was picked up by Morgan James Publishing in New York. The paperback was released to bookstores on November 12th, 2019!

Jade is hoping change the way we approach suicide grief and those  grieving, and help to reduce the stigma still surrounding mental health conditions and suicide.

Her work has been featured in several online publications including Elephant Journal, The Good Men Project, and The Urban Howl.

​She hopes these stories offer strength and hope to other trauma and loss survivors, so they can learn to trust themselves and the world again.

​Her life has been devoted to helping herself, her kids, and others overcome fear, limitations, and heartache.

​She is the Mid-Western version of the girl next door.

*Postvention is a term often used in the suicide prevention field. Postvention refers to activities which reduce the risk of suicide and promote healing after a suicide death.