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The Quiet Warrior Show

Feb 20, 2020

Jake Melton is an engaging and moving keynote speaker, author, Forbe's featured coach, and a respected leadership expert. He is a proud voice and advocate for mental health and Tourette Syndrome.

Jake is set out to help develop world-class leaders that can lead us in today's world and help build the future, rising generation of leaders that our future will need. He is a firm believer in filling your own cup before you can fill the cups of others and has constructed coaching and speaking programs based on personal and professional development strategies designed specifically for leaders.

Jake is author of the book “Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap” and is a top voice on LinkedIn and other professional communities. He has given hundreds of presentations and has spoken at conferences, conventions, trainings, and other corporate and business events.

While Jake does love speaking, guiding and working with leaders, and inspiring others to simplify their lives, he loves his wife and two children more. They live in Dallas, Texas