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The Quiet Warrior Show

Mar 4, 2020

Many people say they want to do a TED talk or it's on their bucket list to attend.  Few will ever know what it is like to walk in the shows of a speaker on the days up to and including standing on the RED DOT and performing.

Tom Dutta delivered his TEDx talk Feb 29 2020 to 1000 fans and received a standing ovation.  Hear him share what many in the acting speaking world keep to themselves...the secrets, tips, bloopers, fears, worries, failures, triumpths...if you know Tom's style of will want to listen to the end.

An early listener said this:  "Very informative. I thoroughly believe this will be a great tool for all upcoming ted talk speakers. I’m amazed how much you were able to cover with out missing a beat!. The no stone unturned approach  for sharing about your journey to the stage is a gift to your audience, and an inspiration to anyone listening!"