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The Quiet Warrior Show

May 5, 2020

Noel is an accomplished speaker, emcee, mentor, humorist and storyteller. From the time he was adopted until recently emceeing the second TEDx BearCreekPark, he’s always walked a different path, for good and bad.  Through his battles with depression and substance abuse, Noel used his creativity and humour as a life preserver. Now he encourages others to find humour and wonder in their lives and how they express themselves.

It took 45 years for Noel to find his passions.  Recently, he's worked with numerous organizations to help others engage with the world and true to form, every project seems to launch him in a different direction. Noel has helped mentor speakers for the TEDx stage and through his leadership in Toastmasters.  He’s worked with people with developmental disabilities to create photographic art and learn public speaking.  There’s time spent creating and delivering a project to help newcomers to Canada find and keep employment. Heck, he co-wrote a book. Noel’s is starting a project as a mentor for seniors to help them learn the art of storytelling so as to engage with their community and tell their most personal and heartfelt story.

Noel is looking to change how public speaking and keynote presentations with Power of 3 Speaking, a new project that brings together speakers to give audiences a richer, more challenging and broader perspective on hot topics.