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The Quiet Warrior Show

Dec 21, 2022

Chester L. Richards -- Bio 

Aerospace Engineer (Ret.), Inventor, Adventurer, Author, Storyteller, Romantic 

The philosophy developed by Chester L. Richards, aerospace engineer, adventurer, and inventor (19 patents), has indeed caused him to view all that comes his way as an adventure. Even a visit to the hospital! (Look...

Dec 6, 2022

Scott MacDonald is a returning Quiet Warrior o talk about An Ancestral Journey he embarked on, culminating in a fascinating reveal... more than just facts, he shares how one can begin exploring their Ancestry based on his discovery.

His newest book is the culmination of many years of ancestry research. Published this...

Nov 9, 2022

Retired LtCol Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz is a career Air Force Veteran who served as a Public Affairs Officer and Nurse. Masters degrees in Nursing and Political Science frame her practice and perspectives.

It was her life’s calling to design and lead a never-been-done-before military outreach program in Ohio in response...

Nov 1, 2022

Sandy Gerber will share the real challenges behind her successes and how she overcame them to transform and teach others how to have great relationships 

Sandy Gerber is a multiple award-winning author, communications and marketing strategist, and TEDx speaker. As CEO of NEXT Marketing Agency, she set a new standard for...

Oct 27, 2022

Host Tom Dutta asked Grant Tate what his real story was on the way to transformation in his life and career...he said, "I was a small-town kid who jumped on the corporate (IBM) fast track, advanced rapidly in the hi-tech rapidly changing environment, but eventually found his career stalled and his marriage falling...